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This photo posted by world famous photographer Fran Bolini from The Paris Photographer has been like and viewed by thousands of people from around the world. But his two biggest fans are right here.

This is more than a fabulous photo for us. Not going to lie...Anthony looks hot and my coat, legs and makeup are en pointe. Lol. But Fran captured more than that. This photo says everything about our relationship. The love, excitement and adrenaline on the bridge that day was really something.

I have to be honest... I have never had dreams of a wedding or really ever seen myself as a bride but I can tell you that I have waited my entire life in hope... in hope that the feeling captured here really did exist and that I really would find it. I'm so excited to share with you in our future posts the story of how we met (yes - online!), how we dated and our views on dating and relationships. This feed is NOT a couples fest of soppy moments. We are determined to help our single follows date smarter and find their true love. See you tomorrow! Sandra x ps. Anthony and I will write together and sometimes separately to give you our different (and sometimes same) views. Next to plan the perfect proposal....from Anthony!

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