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Proposing to my fiancé Sandra was one happiest moments of my life. That day was perfect and I never could’ve imagined a more beautiful setting than Paris as the place to pop the question. Quite frankly, I was breathing a sigh of relieve, not because I was worried that she wouldn’t say yes but because I was able to keep my plans a secret, and that the proposal would be something she would always remember and cherish.

I realize that most people won’t have the opportunity to propose in The City of Lights…trust me, if it hadn’t been for the fact I had to fly to Bulgaria to ask her vacationing parents and Sandra’s business photo shoot in Paris, the peak at Mammoth Mountain was going to be the place. But once Paris became one of the destinations during our Christmas Holiday trip, I changed my plans.

I'd like to share a few things I learned about proposals.

First, plan a proposal that has meaning to your bride to be or significance to the two of you as a couple. In Sandra’s case, I knew Paris was one of her favorite cities in the world, so much so she speaks French.

Second, envision how you see it the proposal playing out, come up with a strategy and account for variables. Sandra’s photo shoot was for her company's marketing campaign. So I knew she would be focused on that. At the beginning of the shoot I tipped off the photographer with a message written on my phone and we came up with a plan to do it in front of the Eiffel Tower. Sandra thought we were looking at the phone for her shoot layouts. Mother nature got in the way and shrouded the Eiffel Tower in thick fog. It wasn't meant to be. At several moments the entire Eiffel Tower disappeared behind fog. But I knew in advance what Sandra’s shoot schedule was and was also familiar with each location. I had a back up plan which is key, and that was to propose on the Alexander III Bridge at the end of her shoot. But most importantly I made sure that when the photographer captured the moment of the proposal it would be picturesque.

Lastly, limit the number of people who know your proposal plans. My father almost blew the surprise during a phone call after he mistook me Facebook posting about Sandra’s parents giving me their blessing for the actual proposal. He congratulated her on Facetime! Luckily she thought it was for the blessing I had received from her parents.

With a little thought and planning and it will be just right.


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