February 1, 2017

You’d laugh out loud if you saw the list that I had for my future husband. Back in the day I remember scribbling a list of only 40 or so things qualities I was looking for. I’d heard on Dr Phil (ha ha) about the 80/20 rule. For anyone new to the "80/20 rule for relationships," it's the theory that says, in a fairly healthy relationship you only get 80 percent of what you want. So I figured that this extensive list I had written was totally OK because I was only really chasing 80% of it.

But here’s the thing, the longer your list is, the harder it is to find that person. It’s like saying that you want to buy a black dress, just below the knee, made of denim with sleeves that end just before the elbow, a size zip and five faux buttons down the back. That’s all. Just a black dress. Lol. What would be the chances of finding that?! None.

So a few years ago I re-did my list and I thought I’d share it with you....

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